The Placebo Cannabis Cream Challenge

Q: What is the Placebo Cannabis Challenge?

A: A risk free chance to reduce your pain, and affirm your trust in the federal government’s policy on cannabis.

History teaches us that we should all be wary of cure all claims. Therefore, it is understandable that governments, doctors and big pharma around the world are reluctant to accept what appear, at face value, to be exaggerated claims made by cannabis consumers in relation to the therapeutic benefits derived from their use of the plant. This one plant and its numerous active compounds, it is claimed, seem to positively affect nearly every ailment of our minds and bodies, from mental illness to cancer. Is this possible? 

In short, no. Let’s face it, there is no significant science to support the thousand’s of thousands of anectdotal claims that cannabis is a very effective anti-inflammatory when used as a topical cream. And why would our government allow millions of seniors to suffer uneccessarily if cannabis was an effective anti-inflammatory when used as a topical cream?

Q: How Does the Placebo Cannabis Challenge work?

A: Purchase a large Placebo Cannabis Cream and apply it were is hurts, when it hurts for two full weeks.

If you do not think Mt Forest CBD placebo cannabis cream works like the real thing, simply return the unused portion of the cream for a full refund of your money.